Tracing it back


When people learn that I founded my own organic skincare company, they often ask me, "How did you get started in that?" What I've told many people was what I thought was the truthful answer to this question What I've said was that I watched an eight-minute video titled The Story of Stuff - Cosmetics and it changed the way I saw the health and beauty industry and motivated me to start my own safe line that I could trust. And this is absolutely true. But today, as I sit on the front porch pondering how far this line has come in the last three years, I can see that my "start" in this business came much earlier than that video. 

Today I'm tracing it back to my eight-year-old self. I was the girl who loved to camp but hated having dirty feet. I was the girl who did science experiments after school and circled the lab equipment kit in the JC Penny Christmas wish book. And add two more years into the equation, and I was the girl who had an obsessive collection of Naturistics bath and body care products. I didn't use them, of course - I only displayed these beautiful works of art on my bedroom shelf (turns out I also had a love for packaging). Add several more years into the mix, and I was the girl who developed a deep love for travel, exploring new places and meeting new people - without sacrificing a few comforts from home. 

It's all of these little things that have shaped my inspiration for Wanderlust Organics. Today I am comforted by the fact that the eight-year-old girl still lives within. Thank God I don't still have that haircut. 

(I'm on the right)

(I'm on the right)

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